Yes, you can go to the farmers’ market by bike. Here’s how I did it. Try it sometime, it’s fun.

It took me 15 minutes, photo opps included, and it’s about 2-1/2 miles away, I guess. I don’t have a bike computer on my urban bike because I really don’t care how far or fast I’m going. I put my panniers on my bike and headed to the Tricycle Gardens farmers’ market on Jefferson Street. I also took an iced coffee break on the way home.

Distance: about 5 miles, give or take.

Total time: 1 hour, including riding there and back, shopping, packing, stopping for coffee, and taking photos.

Best part: I’d have to say the fun I had going down my hill. And the iced coffee. And the nice people at the market. And the strawberries. And the knowledge that I did it all on my own power and had fun.

Worst part:  going back up my hill.